High School Computer Competition Program

The BDPA-RI HSCC (High School Computer Competition) training program will train High School students in information technology (IT) skills. This program enrolls about 25-30 students that are currently in grades eight through twelve and culminates with a team of five (5) students selected to compete at the National BDPA Conference held annually in August in cities throughout the USA. The Training program starts during the first part of March and ends the last week in July. Students attend classes every Saturday except holiday weekends. Classes are in three-hour sessions from March through June and July sessions are increase to prepare for the competition. Lunch will be provided for student at all sessions. Topics covered include databases, client-server technology, web design, Microsoft operating systems, HTML and ASP programming. Soft skills include communication and presentation with an emphasis on teamwork skills.

The end goal for students are to be able to design, develop and market a web based application. Grade point average, attendance, and soft skills will be used determine which students will attend the conference as a RI team member or as a Youth technology camp attendee. The number of students that may participate in youth technology camp will depend upon funding for this program. All conference expenses for the 5 team members and the campers, along with chaperones will be paid by the program. Parents of HSCC students will be encouraged to participate in a HSCC parents group. The purpose of this group will be to promote parent involvement with HSCC students.

Our current program will begin on Saturday, January 15, 2011 at 10:00A. Registration deadline is Saturday, January 15, 2011. You may apply online by CLICKING THIS LINK.